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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

YEA! Azzuris!!

Finally, an italian final!!!!! Yea! i thot it was going into penalty liao ..... and have to "tahan" and keep awake for a longer period of time ....... but hehehehe, the 2 excellent goals ....... made my day ...... hehehehehe ..... :)

1 comment:

boggled_mind94 said...

woohoo!! Yep, the azzurris, they have my vote. Sad that Figo is out though...the only thing which would have consoled me if italy (by some stroke of bad luck, knock on wood!!!)were not to win, would be figo getting a world cup medal because i think he deserves to have one. He is smart, talented, a gracious sportsman and conducts himself professionally. For someone with his skill and character, he deserves a medal.

But since Port is out, my heart will not be divided and it's all for the azzurris.

PS : Don't get me wrong...Zidane is also one of my faves...but he is the only one i like from the French side and he has already got a world cup my favoruite italians must win it this time else some may not get another chance [like Paolo :( ].