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Monday, July 31, 2006

land of the rising sun ...

after a week in japan, am back in hong kong and going to start my 4-month working stinct tomorrow!

on the way to the airport, was trying to verify with hubbie exactly how many times i have been to tokyo with him ..... and we both are not too sure .... ;p but whatever the case, we concluded that the next trip we should do to down to kyushu region or up to hokkaido ....... hehehe.

in any case, this trip, we went to Ito (via Atami) and spent 2 very lovely days travelling from Tokyo to Atami to Ito to Kawazu to Shuzenji (i think the entire region is called the Izu region) ...... and would you believe it or not, we went "hiking" ..... along a walking trail that led us to view 7 waterfalls .... i shall post the pictures very soon.

i never expected to go to japan to "hike", but it's really a way to see the local life and the places we went, i assure you, not a single "foreigner" around .... cos it's like countryside, fishing villages u know and with lots of onsen (hot springs) ........ we were probably the only foreigners around. and with my super duper limited japanese, we managed to hop on the local bus, order food, find our way around with no trouble/frustrations at all .....excellento!!

i like going out to the countryside of japan ...... very interesting and quiet and serene ..... and the food ........ awesome ..... especially the fresh sashimi ...... it can't get any better ..... :) but of course, some people may find it boring to visit the countryside ...... ;p

thank God hubbie also enjoys exploring places and doesn't mind "walking around" for extended periods ..... hehehe ..... and he enjoyed the waterfalls !! the last time, in kyoto/osaka, we went to a place called Otsu, he didn't like it much .....hehehehe

of course, it's not to say i didn't enjoy the city, this time round, i found out about a "factory outlet mall" 30 mins from tokyo and went there for shopping ...... at least, the prices similar to hong kong prices .....not those amazing japanese price tags that causes one to faint ....hahahaha.

okie okie ... i need to go eat something for lunch ..... will write more soon.


boggled_mind94 said...

hey, you and leng2 should plan your annual pilgrimage together. She was also in tokyo for two days after visiting hokkaido so I think if you guys had contacted each other before your trips, you certainly would have been there on the same days. One day i will go to japan too...after having heard so much about it from the both of you.

Ms Long said...

when u plan to go japan, tell me leh .... we can meet there ;)

boggled_mind94 said...

hehehe, of course i will. after you and leng2 are my gurus on japan...;p