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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


a new acronym i learnt today . . . . hahaha . . . and for a moment, i actually thought there's such a word when it was mentioned to me : "TGIGOTOS Syndrome" ..... i even googled it.

The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side -- isn't that a perennial problem for most people? Why is it so difficult to be content? To enjoy what one is doing without thinking of the alternative possibilities? That maybe, things could be better??

It's strange -- but were we brought up this way?? From young, how many times have we heard parents commented that the children's results could have been better? if only they had not been so careless, so lazy whatever. That so and so child's is doing better. That so and so can play the piano better/run faster/swim better whatever. As as the child grows up and enters adulthood ..... who doesn't desire a "better" job ? a bigger car? bigger apt? at work, thoughts such as so and so is promoted, why not me?? this and that would have fleeted by our minds many times .......

of course, not everyone is affected by such. some frens i know are very firmly rooted and praise God for that!! but such thoughts, the Deceiver knows, is an easy tool to cause one to be distracted and discontented. Everyone has a place and role in today's society. The trouble starts when we try to take another's place and role. Am i getting too cheeem here?? i think so! cos i also not sure what i am talking about now .......

but was reminded once again that so important is this issue, that God had to address it in the bible : Godliness with contentment is great gain. Such an easy statement to read. Such a difficult statement to live out.

I think lots of people are searching for true joy, but in the search, we replace joy with happiness cos we think : if only we could hv this, we could do that, we will be happier.

But happiness is a function of situations, but joy, true joy, is not reliant on our situations. Yes, we want to be happy. but more importantly, i think, it is to have the joy that no one/no situation can take away from us. Even when things are going wrong, not going our way, we can still have joy -- cos true joy is found in God alone and when we go to him with our prayers, needs, sorrows, happiness whatever, He takes it upon his shoulders and lifts us up when we are down. And the realisation that He, who makes heaven and earth, loves us unconditionally.

That one day, we will see Him face to face in heaven. It's a matter of time.

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