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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Investing and Timing

Thought i'd like to share this "old" article which was sent to me ...... kind of put things in perspective during this period of "market decline" isn't it? very interesting that market cycles remain more or less similar through the years.

Have no idea when this finance article was written, but apparently in the 80s???

And i guess, to everyone, what time the clock tells also abit different ..... say u think it's between 3pm-4pm, but 3.01pm and 3.59pm great difference rite!! and some more, this clock, one really doesn't know how long one hour lasts.......hehehehe.

but heyz ..... that's where lots of hardwork and guts can help ???

anywayz, whatever time it is now ...... i juz hope dinner time comes soon ;p

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