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Thursday, June 15, 2006

i am lost for words ...

today, read in the papers, that there is this private banker from a large bank here who prepaid HK$120million for 8 years of unlimited latin dancing classes and competition ......... geeee ..... talk about being in different worlds ....... i guess HK$120million is like HK$1200 (SGD200+) to some people ..... hehehehe

and anywayz, who prepays for something 8 years in advance ?? it's quite unimaginable to me .... i mean i am not sure my "interest" will last so long in something u know ..... but, maybe it's juz me ???

now, she's in some dispute over the prepaid sum and suing the instructor for monies back.

come to think of it, the instructor also amazing rite , earn so much teaching latin dancing???


boggled_mind94 said...

I think we are in the wrong jobs :(

Ms Long said...

not too late to take up latin dancing...hehehe.