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Monday, May 15, 2006

Went home to singapore.....

was away ..... went back home for a week plus, so kind of broke the momentum of writing ;)

the weather was terribly hot back in singapore ..... gave me a headache. but as usual it was good to catch up with frens and spend time with family.

but a thought came to my mind when i was in singapore ..... somehow...... i don't feel very "belonged" in singapore ..... when i am in singapore, my mentality is that it's for a "short while" -- so i feel like a "tourist" ... not that i see hong kong as my home ...... when i am in hong kong, i wonder when we will leave ...... cos it's not home afterall .....

then i think, so where is it that i look forward to going "home" to???

and a fren of mine, summed it all up, by saying that i am "displaced" ..... hahahaha .... sounds funnie, but may be the truth .....

whatever it is, i shall continue to enjoy the state that i am in ...... cos things may change in future...... and i may not have the opportunity in future ;)

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