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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Personal Finance -- Stupidity or Courage in the face of market volatility?

the last week has been a very volatile (what an understatement) week for equity markets .... since i stopped working, i've been trying to brush up my technical analysis skills etc and dabbling in the singapore stock market to earn some "pocket money" .... my personal goal when i feel comfortable ....... is to go beyong the sg market and with God's wisdom, beyond stocks as well (but i think that will have to wait for a loooooong while)

and of course, with the interruptions (remember i went to italy and singapore in april/may, and singapore and bangkok in february), i've been quite laxed and progress has been slow.

earlier on in the year, when the market is on a general uptrend, sometimes purely going with momentum and even luck, is sufficient for me to make quick and small profits

and just prior to my italian trip, i cleared most of positions and am overweight on cash ..... which was a good thing.

however, the past week, being home and looking @ the market correction etc, i just got itchy hands ..... and decided to take up some positions ...... geeeee ....... is that being "stupid" or courageous i really don't know ...... i just know that after i keyed in the order, i wondered y?? hahahahaha. was i possessed? hahahahahah

i didn't sleep very well for 2 nites u know ... thank God, the stocks i chose decided to turn up on friday ...... not that i have alot of money invested ...juz my nature.... i hate losing (of course i know that one can't possibly have winning positions all the time ....... but aiyah, i am like that lor!) positions and managed to exit +vely.

sometimes i wonder if i am suited to be trading....... whilst i enjoy the process ..... i very "kiasi" and conservative u c. ..... which is absolutely a contradiction to what i perceive as a trader's nature ....

but so far, i think it has been a great learning experience for me .... i think i know abit more of myself everyday i trade..... how i think, how i make decisions. and of course, through it all, i've picked some Technical Analysis knowledge and had to "revise" my Financial Analysis knowledge ...... and being the "baby" i am, i know i am far from being .... but i think it's not about how much one knows, it's applying what 1 knows ;)

i am actually looking forward to tomorrow (Monday), to see how markets will go. The volatility is what makes it quite exciting ........

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