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Monday, May 22, 2006

Personal Finance - Don't get caught in the red sea

Today's SG market looks like it is having a terrible diarrhea (how does one spell it? i tink i got the spelling for it wrong) ....... good thing i managed to exit abt 75% from the market, left with a quarter which is supposed to be for long term holdings ...... but even that, i am beginning to have doubts. maybe i should hv made a clean exit earlier .... and simply focus on short-term trading opportunities.

wonder how DJ will be tonite? and how the market will be tmr? i am beginning to enjoy this volatility ..... in the meantime, i think this is the best time to develop my own trading system/pattern .... ....... and trade the rebound ..... so, pls, don't be lazy weisze!!!! buck up!!!!

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