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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Italian update #10 - Lugano

Lugano -- as i mentioned in one of my earlier posts -- is one of my favorite places during this trip. It's not actually in Italy, it's in switzerland.

When we drove into Lugano -- it reminded me of a song which i used to sing when i was a girl guide :

I know a place
Where no one ever goes
There is peace and quiet
Yet beauty and repose

It's hidden in the valley
Besides the moutain stream
and lying there besides the stream
i found that i could dream

Only of things of beauty to the eye
Snow peaked mountains, towering to the sky

now i know, that God has made this place for me
For you, for each and everyone

For me, for you , for each and everyone.

The snow-capped mountained, the lake, the tranquility of Lugano -- makes me want to stay forever ....... hahahaha ........

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