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Thursday, April 27, 2006

italian update #8 - tuscan region

one region which i think i will enjoy going back is the Tuscan region -- we visited Pisa and Firenze (otherwise known as Florence in english) this time.

Driving through the countryside and when we were enjoying the view of florence and surrounds (the pictures are of florence from Piazza Michaelangelo), i can imagine the tranquility of the countryside and the homemade delicious tuscan cuisine that one can enjoy as one explores the region.....

o, and Perugia is in the tuscan region -- and it's famous for italian chocolates!!

on a topic other than food, the famous statue of David by Michaelangelo is housed in a museum here in florence -- and i never imagined that i could stand infront of a statue, listening to the explanations of a local guide for almost half an hour and not be bored!!!

he said so many things that i never would hv noticed and he was so passionate about it..... that's one of the reasons why i would recommend a local guide and the advantages of joining a land package by operators such as Globus, Insight etc ....... really gives one the insight and greater appreciation of what one sees. makes a great difference.

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