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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

italian update #6 - sorrento, limoncello and wines

the Naples region is very lovely -- and it's no wonder that italians go to the resorts in sorrento and capri to get away. but precisely this, it's kinda crowded -- especially Capri. not sure if it's a getaway afterall.

i love the lemon trees there -- reminds me of the failed lemon seedling which i tried to grow ;)
and there are sooooooooo many of them growing around and those that seem unattended are all so "fruitful" -- makes me sad that my lemon tree didn't make it ;(

and limoncello -- an interesting drink, although i don't really fancy it -- i don't really fancy the taste ... abit strong for me ;) maybe it will grow on me if i try ......

writing about alcohol, i fell in love with Prosecco -- the Italian sparkling white wine. Maybe it was italy, maybe i was in a happy mood -- i like it much better than champagne ;) heehee.

Even when mixed with orange juice to be sort of a cocktail -- it was a very refreshing drink.

i really really like Prosecco. Bought 3 small bottles with us!

On this topic of wine, i prefer Italian white wine. During the 15 days that we were in italy, i think i only had red wine on 2 occasions. they were ok -- but the whites! they were simply delicious! i had it with almost every meal every day. i am not much of a wine connoisseur -- so i don't really remember the vintage or vineyard or types -- simply ordering the house white was good enough most times!

and since i am reminded about my prosecco -- hmmm, maybe i should go hv a drink now.

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