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Saturday, April 22, 2006

italian update #4 - toilets and the many ways to flush !!

something i found amusing during my 15 days in italy -- is the variety of ways one can flush the toilet ...... heehee ..... not a very "elegant" topic i suppose -- but i can't help it.

some u pull the rope handle, some u press the button on top of the cistern, some it's a button at the side, some at the bottom of the cistern (when the cistern is mounted quite high), some is a pedal on the floor which u need to step on, some it's mounted on the wall ..... the variations is amazing.

u know, this time we joined a local tour package so we travel in big groups on tour buses and when the drive is long, we take toilet/coffee breaks along the way. and with all the aunties travelling with me, the queue is always long and there's bound to be someone in the queue after one goes to the toilet.

and the ways to flush the toilet occasionally emerge as a conversation topic while we are all in the toilet. hahahaha .....

imagine after a big business, one can't find where to flush and one knows there are many waiting for the cubicle to use......hahahaha .... but of course, we all managed to find it after a while :)

oh -- and the wash basin -- this is something i must write about -- never really happened to me -- but juz in case anyone experiences it. so far, in my whole life, i've seen 2 types of wash basin, one where it is automatic, place one's hands there and the water flows. the other, whereby we need to turn the tap and the tap handles are always prominently infront of us.

anywayz, in italian toilets -- i've seen people placed their hangs under the water tap thinking that the water will flow and it doesn't. and the person sees the next basin functionally perfectly. she goes to the next basin after the first user, places her hands under the tap again and again the water doesn't flow.

and someone says "you'll have to step on it!"

yep, for water to flow, one has to step on a pedal located on the floor! well, not that it doesn't make sense -- i find such a way very handy and convenient. just that it's not what we are used to back home! :) and when one is in the toilet, i supposed one doesn't expect to be "mentally" challenged.

anywayz -- enough of toilets and wash basins ...... i wish i have taken some pictures to share ;)

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