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Friday, April 21, 2006

italian update #3 -- food

u know, one of my greatest pleasures is enjoying the local cuisine whenever i go overseas and this trip to italy has really "opened" my eyes in terms of the types of italian cuisine!

there are just so many choices -- not only abt pasta, pizza, foccacia bread!! and the best part is when we go into the different regions, they have different specialties ...... it's really a great time for me, sample all the local cuisines.
unfortunately, being regional cuisine, it does mean that once i leave the region, it's unlikely that i will find the dish -- unlike the common pasta dishes.

hubbie took a liking to the risotto -- risotto i've tried in the past were sometimes too creamy, not that tasty and i hardly eat risotto. but italy has shown me that the italianos are the risotto experts!! surely u must taste it to understand my excitement. the one i found special was risotto cooked in fig leaves -- the risotto was just full of the fragrance of the leaves and it wasn't a creamy risotto .... we found this risotto in sorrento and honestly, didn't see it any where else.

a dish that surprised was beef steak in balsamic vinegar sauce which we ate in florence. when it came, one look at it and i wondered if i was too adventurous! (it was recommended by the waiter who said it was good, so we decided to try!) it was just a piece of steak smothered in a BLACK sauce and the vinegar smell was quite strong. nothing else. and it's really BLACK sauce.

but one mouth of the beef and boy were we won over!! the looks and taste just didn't go. if i can find it on the menu elsewhere, i would have ordered. but alas, it was a florentine dish i suppose!

anywayz, enough of this raving about the food -- it makes me hungry. but also, i think, as you read it, u may not be able to "catch" excitement -- until and unless you have tasted them yourself.

so whatever is written here is just to whet appetite. the next time u visit italy, enjoy the gastronomic affair and don't think too much about putting on weight ;)

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