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Thursday, April 20, 2006

italian update #2 -rome

much as i enjoyed my trip to italy-- i must say that rome did not turn up quite like wat i was expecting ;p it was kind of dirty, graffiti everywhere, the people a lil' gruffy, not that "friendly" .... hehehe .... doesn't sound like i enjoyed rome much huh?

on the contrary -- the city is wonderful, the basilica, sistine chapel and vatican awesome. just can't help feeling that it could have been better :)

and the crowds!! it was really crowded as i think there were lots of student visitors as the schools were having spring breaks. feels like we were jostling with the crowd most of the time. and that's the reason, our tour director tells us that we need to hv our wake-up call @ 630am so that we depart before 8am for our scheduled tours. it was really torturous the first few days -- i don't even wake up this early whilst i was working! plus, i am now not working!! it seems such an unearthly hour to be woken up and whilst we are holiday!! *sigh* but guess we got used to it after a few days and energised ourselves with siestas daily!

much as i think rome can be "cleaner", going to the country side and stuff, it's kinda of different ... and i think it's all a matter of expectations as well -- so sometimes it's really good that we don't set expectations ;p

the funnie part is, the "city" which i really liked (we visited soooooo many places during our 13 day tour) and enjoyed much is Lugano -- a Swiss city !!! -- it was part of our itinerary on our way to lake Maggiore as it's @ the swiss/italian border. when we got off at lugano -- i really could see that the place was clean, and neat and heehee -- much like singapore!! and i liked it immediately ;) guess i have my singaporean DNA deeply ingrained ....... hahahaha.

i am having some problems posting the pics -- but here's one of the nite scene in rome and hubbie did a great job i think! i particularly like the "ominous" looking sky :)

till the next time, Ciao!

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