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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

italian update #1 - back from Italy and the royal white peacock!!

Got back yesterday from Italy -- a fantastic 2 weeks we had in the land of olives, lemons and clear blue skies!!! :)

after 2+ years in hong kong, i think i have forgotten what clear blue sky looks like!! :( no kidding. on the day that we returned, the first thing i noticed when the airport express train took off was that i couldn't see the sky at all in Hong Kong! it was depressing ..... but we rationalise, it was probably a foggy day..... hehehe.

and the second depressing thing is of course the weight that i've gained from 2 weeks of over-eating!! but i can't help it -- the food was excellento! like i tell hubbie, there's one sickness he knows that i can't possibly suffer from (not now, not in future) -- anorexia ! i shall post some food pictures later on -- as i don't hv the pictures, they are with hubbie who's in shanghai now.

anywayz, have you seen a white peacock before? i haven't until this trip to italy.

this beauty we saw in Lake Maggiore (near lake como) and it was living on Borromeo Island
(which houses the very very impressive Borromeo palace which has 100+ rooms! and the impressive thing is , the Borromeo's still use it today as their summer getaway or something. i think it was built in the 1800s ....... and today i think they have less than 10 in the entire borromeo clan ... i shall not go on, the "envy" is building up again!!!)

will write more about the places we visit later on ...... now time for siesta! (i can't help it, after 2 weeks of daily siesta, i think i have gotten used to the idea :P)

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