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Thursday, April 20, 2006

hong kong 7s 2006

before i write more abt our italian trip .... an entry about the hongkong rugby 7s -- our 3rd and no less fun!! this year, it was like the "prelude" to our italian holiday, cos it was fri to sun, and we flew off on sunday nite after the 7s. :)

and maybe God knew we will be very tired, so blessed us with an upgrade to business class on the flite the Roma and we will well-rested and ready to go when we touched down!! hehehe

anywayz, just some pictures to share . . . .

hubbie and fren -- this is their annual "pilgrimage"

hubbie bought these headgear specially for te event!

the sexy gals again .....

like i said before, u don't hv to understand rugby or enjoy watching it to enjoy the 7s. seriously. i mean, i was there the full 2.5 days! and i think we'll be back next yr if we can get tickets. ;)

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