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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

cookbooks and me

i juz realise something -- i wonder why i didn't see it in the past ;p

i have a REAL weakness for cookbooks. for that matter, books related to cooking (e.g. can be a food dictionary, or an ingredient book, or cake decorating techniques etc). even though i don't have any use for them ..... i am very very attracted to them. hehehe

and i like buying the cookbooks. in fact, i have a whole collection that i seldom refer to. **paiseh** (paiseh -- means embarassed -- for the non-singaporeans reading my blog. it's a hokkien term.)

no wonder hubbie sometimes "rolls" his eyes when i say i want to buy another cookbook. hehehe. just last sunday, i bought another 2, one relating to chinese soups (and i think i have 2 other already....) and now when i go travelling, the "souvenir" i buy to remind me of my trip are cookbooks.

i picked up one very nice penang cuisine cookbook when i went to malaysia last year and one in thailand this year and of course an italian cookbook.

and i have been eyeing one - Mrs Lee's cookbook which is a collection of nonya dishes -- for a long time now ...... been doing a good job stopping myself from buying every time i return to singapore. not sure if i can exercise the self-restraint again this coming trip back home (am going back next week u c).

wellz wellz, let's see .........

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