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Monday, March 27, 2006

exciting days ahead!!!

been a while since i posted . . . . . as some of you know, we are going to italy for our holidays this coming sunday!! yeah!

but before that, hubbie finally got 2 tickets to this year's rugby sevens here in hongkong, so it will be 3 days of rugby (fri to sun) and then, we fly off on Sunday nite to rome . . . . :)

looking forward and will certainly post pictures when they are ready......

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Travel Tip # 1 : Where to find ATMs that accept international credit/debit cards in Japan??

not sure if you ever had this problem . . . but i had!
before my trips to japan, i always "underestimate" the amount of cash (local currency) i may need -- that is a form of self-deception i know! but give me some credit - - i am trying to control my budget!!

anywayz - many a times my Yen is running low, it's the weekend, banks are closed, i look for an ATM and it's sickening but the ATMs i am able to find usually only accept locally-issued cards ! panic. panic. atm after atm, whether its located in a mall, or outside a branch, i couldn't access.

i am sure there are ATMs that accept international credit/debit cards in japan -- how can not be ?? - i juz need to know where!!!!!!!?????

to save you the grief next time you are in this same situation as me in Japan -- look for the General Post Office -- there's usually one located next to major train stations. ATMs accepting international credit/debit cards are located WITHIN the Post Office.

i was so glad i "knew" the trick during my last trip to kyoto and osaka -- cos we really ran out of cash on our 2nd day there.... hahahaha . . . . .