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Friday, February 03, 2006


was home in singapore last week for the chinese new year celebrations . . .. . . . . good time of catching up with old frens, relatives etc . . . . i shall write about that another day. But today, want to give thanks to God cos He blessed us with an upgrade to Business class (again!). hehehe :)

I think it was also last chinese new year, although it's on our flite to SG and it was a CX flite that we were upgraded to Biz class!

And this year, it's on our flite back to HKG, on SQ that we are upgraded . . .. yeah! i really appreciate the space and food on raffles class .... at least i could eat! Thank you God!!

i hardly eat the food served on economy class - i hate them - - in fact i always feel nauseous whenever i smell plane food. so usually i eat before i fly or bring some bread.

anywayz, on this topic of plane - i juz wanted to share my observation that economy seats on SQ is INDEED slightly "more spacious" than CX. for the last 2 years, have always travelled on CX when on biz trips, so i really have no deep impression about other airlines or how they compare.

but travelling on SQ this time, i must say, i think the seat-space slightly less tight on CX. although entertainment wise, i think they are comparable and food on economy class, aiyahz, i think they are all the same, simply yucks.

so the next time i go home, maybe i will take SQ, if price is competitive . . . . :)

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