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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

i miss my oven . . . . . .

i've always like to bake -- but since coming to hong kong, i've not baked anything - cos i don't have an oven!!

Buy one lah! U may say.

But truth is, there is simply no space in my kitchen or flat to fit in a convection oven . . . . . seriously, no space at all.

So, i turn to "no-bake" cakes - - but very quickly i got bored - cos not much variety . . . i even ventured into making my own chocolate truffles! no recipe, just follow "feel" type - turned out quite well in my own opinion! heehee.

guess - i have to more creative and see what other desserts i can make without the oven . . . . . suggestions are welcomed!


boggled_mind said...

The next time you are back, buy the ingredients and we can bake on my oven. Then the husbands can wash up and as a reward, get to eat what we baked, hee hee.

The only caution I draw is when i took up domestic science in school and had an exam, my cake did not sank in the middle!!! So I cut it up for better presentation and guess what, the flour wasn't folded in well enough...I swear I saw specks of flour!!! future baking partner, I am counting on you ;p

boggled_mind said...

actually so did i...(as in visit you a number of times)...but just did not leave a comment though I had thought to tell you that the next time you are back, you can use my oven to bake cakes :p. I will help, of course, but i must warn you that when i had to bake a cake many years ago for a home economics exam (now you know how long ago that was), my cake sank in the i am not good at folding in the flour. I can make rough stuff like rock buns (no shape, hard and need not look aesthetically pleasing)...but for finer things like cakes, souffles(not sure how to spell), mousse etc, I cannot guarantee I will be of great help ;D.