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Monday, February 13, 2006

hiking in hong kong

went hiking last saturday (we usually go in groups . . .. last saturday was quite a big group, 19 to be exact!). . . this time @ clearwater bay area. again, it was a lovely day for a hike and to enjoy the outdoors and "fresher" air is just wonderful!!

only downside was that part of the trail was quite "steep" -- and a sign of aging is my hurting knees when going downslop!!! ;(

haven't received the photos we took for this walk . . . but thought i shall post pictures of our last walk here just for fun. u will be amazed that this is Hong Kong . . . . such lovely outdoors!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

significance . . . . . .

i mentioned earlier that i was going to write something with regards to the recent chinese new year trip back home. of course i enjoyed the time that we had with our family and meeting up with old frens etc etc . . . . but one thing that irked me particularly this year is that lots of relatives asked about whether we are planning to have children.

wellz, i do understand that they mean well. and i also understand that my in-laws and parents probably also desire to have grandchildren. my parents - wellz - maybe they have accepted that i am just how i am. my in-laws - they are probably too "shy" to ask me about it.

but that aside, maybe also because we've already been married for 8 years - and somehow, everybody (especially hubbie's relatives) decided that it's about time - - that they start being "concerned" (i wanted to use the word n***y -- but nay, they are just "concern" [sarcarsm]).

i think what irked me most, is not so much their "concerns" -- but rather, my response to the their questions. to be honest, i was quite irritated by it. maybe i didn't expect myself to feel that way. maybe i've always thought that i don't really care about the opinions of others. but then again, maybe i do care. do they think that my hubbie is impotent? or that i have problems conceiving? or do they think that we are selfish? or that our marriage is in some sort of trouble?

tsk tsk -- this is getting so familiar -- appears that i do place my significance on the "approval" of others? or on how others see me??

I am going through this study "search for siginificance" recently - and i pray that my significance will indeed be rooted in my position in Christ, who I am in Him. Easier said than done, but it's a process, which i am going through . . . . .years ago i thought i settled that issue. but u know, such things is not a "one-off" event - - it's a journey - - it's about growing in the Lord and responding each day as He would. thereby finding that freedom in Him.

in fact, recently, i think God is purposefully putting me in situations where i really have to examine my heart -- and honestly ask myself, in whom do i find significance? and how will i lead my life?

i hope that indeed i will be like Paul, who has fought the good fight and finished the race.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

i miss my oven . . . . . .

i've always like to bake -- but since coming to hong kong, i've not baked anything - cos i don't have an oven!!

Buy one lah! U may say.

But truth is, there is simply no space in my kitchen or flat to fit in a convection oven . . . . . seriously, no space at all.

So, i turn to "no-bake" cakes - - but very quickly i got bored - cos not much variety . . . i even ventured into making my own chocolate truffles! no recipe, just follow "feel" type - turned out quite well in my own opinion! heehee.

guess - i have to more creative and see what other desserts i can make without the oven . . . . . suggestions are welcomed!

Redeeming free flights

i don't know if any of you out there has had similar experience - but it's such a pain trying to redeem for free flights for me on XX airline. usually, flights will be full and once, i tried to make reservations 12 months in advance, and i still get a "full flight" message - - just how far ahead the airline expect me to make my travel plans???? sianzzzz.

today i shall try again, and hopefully i get my desired flights for May 06 . . . . . :)

Friday, February 03, 2006


was home in singapore last week for the chinese new year celebrations . . .. . . . . good time of catching up with old frens, relatives etc . . . . i shall write about that another day. But today, want to give thanks to God cos He blessed us with an upgrade to Business class (again!). hehehe :)

I think it was also last chinese new year, although it's on our flite to SG and it was a CX flite that we were upgraded to Biz class!

And this year, it's on our flite back to HKG, on SQ that we are upgraded . . .. yeah! i really appreciate the space and food on raffles class .... at least i could eat! Thank you God!!

i hardly eat the food served on economy class - i hate them - - in fact i always feel nauseous whenever i smell plane food. so usually i eat before i fly or bring some bread.

anywayz, on this topic of plane - i juz wanted to share my observation that economy seats on SQ is INDEED slightly "more spacious" than CX. for the last 2 years, have always travelled on CX when on biz trips, so i really have no deep impression about other airlines or how they compare.

but travelling on SQ this time, i must say, i think the seat-space slightly less tight on CX. although entertainment wise, i think they are comparable and food on economy class, aiyahz, i think they are all the same, simply yucks.

so the next time i go home, maybe i will take SQ, if price is competitive . . . . :)