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Monday, June 27, 2005

CHECKERS the japan pop group in the 80s

What nostalgia!!!

Yesterday nite, while watching a japanese drama, the lead actor sang a rather OLD SONG.... (just the first few sentences) - by the pop group Checkers....... i instantly recognised it although it's been like 20+ years since i last heard the song!! i have forgotten the title of the song but i soooooooooo much want to hear the entire song again!!

a check on the internet yielded nothing much......guess it is really such a old song........ cos i really don't remember the title....and short of me buying the CD (and i am not even sure if the CD will contain the song), i wonder where i can download the song.......

and now, the tune of the first few lines keep ringing in my head.........aaaaaaaargh so torturous!

and because i only remember the first few just keeps looping in my head now....... na mi na o xxxxx whatever .......

i need help!!!! ;)

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