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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

what a long break from blogging........ and health

i have been so caught up with work, activities, that i stopped writing. and of course, coupled with my extreme laziness..... this was one of the last things i wanted to do. but on looking back, hmmm, it seems that "nothing much" has happened. and it's been "normal" (aka boring") these past few months. ;p

i have been suffering from extreme "dry eyes" according to the doctor. and it's been at least half a year now and still no improvement despite the eye drops etc. i am beginning to suspect that there is a "greater" problem as i noticed that my skin (esp face) has been very dry, despite my faithful efforts to moisturise etc. and some days it gets better, some days its terrible. and honestly, this has been going on for quite a while, just that i wasn't bothered enough to think too much of it until my eyesight was affected.

i really wunder, what's the cause? surely it's not because of the air/surrounding here in hong kong? eczema? i really cannot think of other causes ...... anywayz, i shall research and if i have any findings, i shall post it here. and if you happen to read this and have some knowledge/info to share, please, enlighten me!

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