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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Boxing Day Gift!

On Boxing Day, i visited the Tai Lam Women's Prison here in hong kong. It's my second visit with the care and share ministry from church to the prison.

i wanted to write about it because by God's grace, I had the privilege of leading 2 lady inmates to pray the sinner's prayer and also shared God's message of love with another. Hallelujah praise the Lord.

Thank God also, as i feel that it's a breakthrough for myself in that, i've always found it difficult to share my faith, God's message with others as sometimes i am lost for words and many a times, it's just the lack of courage to stand up to speak the truth and make a stand for God.

i;ve been going for care and share outreaches for the last 2 years, once each month. most times, i find my presence there, simply, a "presence" i.e. i am helping around, doing work, lending a listening ear (several visits were to old folks home, so they love to talk!). each time, i come away thinking maybe i should have open my mouth and ask if they want to receive christ. of course, each time i didn't.

i've always prayed for God to breakthrough that area of my life. my fear of rejection, my lack of faith in Him. cos, sometimes, i wish i could be more courageous and share more
with my frens and loved ones . . . . but most times, i choose "subtle-ness" . . . . ;-

anywayz, back to the visit. the day's program was 2 sessions, 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. i was loathe to go dowm to "mix" with the ladies during the first session as i really don't know how and where to start. so i stuck around with another lady who was doing most of the talking. and of course, during that process, felt very useless. like, see! here i am again, such a failure. never having enough faith to speak courageously of God and fearing that the ladies will reject what i am going to say.

in the afternoon session, i was pretty distracted throughout the program. during the altar call, i didn't even bother to look around, usually i do that, to gauge the response and also identify whom i should go and reach out to.

when the time came for the team to go down to minister, i went, as i usually would. however, this time, i found myself alone. and in the circumstances, i guess i cannot just stand there and do nothing. cos, this is afterall a women's prison and I am here to minister, not stand around and stare.

and so, i approached this lady seating there. she looked quite receptive. i asked if she understood the message and whether she wanted to receive christ. she said she was touched and would like to know more. But not prepared to say the sinner's prayer. i prayed for her. In my halting mandarin, i prayed for her. that God will speak to her, touch her and bless her. She cried.

I wanted to cry too. I asked her again, if she would like to receive christ. she said not yet. so i took her particulars now for the christian group to follow-up later on.

After that, i just stood there. i am always like that, suffering from inertia. didn't felt like going forward to be rejected again. but God put one of my team mates there to push me on. he kept telling me that there are a few ladies around who are tearing or crying and obviously very touched and i should minister to them. so no choice!! i appraoched these 2 ladies nearest to me.

when i asked if they would like to accept christ, they said YES! hallelujah! i am so excited! and i had to lead them in the sinner's prayer in mandarin! (lots of these ladies are from the mainland.) and prayed and prayed and am so happy that the spirit touched their hearts. for i believe that only by the power of the spirit can their lives be changed and transformed. and that afternoon, i believe God's love and presence was very strong and present.

God gave me the opportunity. i am glad that i responded. i pray that this will also be a breakthrough for my "spiritual man" - a new beginning. for only by God's strength can i be an overcomer.

Monday, November 14, 2005

looking forward to Hong Kong 7s 2006

that's me and hubbie @ this year's hkg 7s. our 2nd time.
and for next year (2006), hubbie has already bought his headgear for the party!! ;)

you can tell how much he's looking forward to it... hehehe . me 2 me 2, it's a nice carnival.... loosen up a lil'. yeah! can't wait for Mar 06 .....

that's hubby and his pals enjoying themselves at this year's 7s.

and these 2 lovely ladies i don't know them.... :0

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

sjogren's syndrome

on the topic of health....i wrote earlier that i've been suffering from extreme dry eyes and have been researching on the net about this condition. came across "sjogren's syndrome" - which seems to describe my condition - dry eyes, dry mouth etc. it's actually an autoimmune disorder in which immune cells attack and destroy the glands that produce tears and saliva.

however, it appears that my condition is a very mild version of it. the eye doctor i went to, made a slight reference to the syndrome but didn't seem too concern about my condition.

not that the dryness is bothering me much. in fact, i got used to it, and symptomatically address it with artificial tears. hopefully it remains mild and something that shouldn't bother me :)

Monday, June 27, 2005

CHECKERS the japan pop group in the 80s

What nostalgia!!!

Yesterday nite, while watching a japanese drama, the lead actor sang a rather OLD SONG.... (just the first few sentences) - by the pop group Checkers....... i instantly recognised it although it's been like 20+ years since i last heard the song!! i have forgotten the title of the song but i soooooooooo much want to hear the entire song again!!

a check on the internet yielded nothing much......guess it is really such a old song........ cos i really don't remember the title....and short of me buying the CD (and i am not even sure if the CD will contain the song), i wonder where i can download the song.......

and now, the tune of the first few lines keep ringing in my head.........aaaaaaaargh so torturous!

and because i only remember the first few just keeps looping in my head now....... na mi na o xxxxx whatever .......

i need help!!!! ;)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

what a long break from blogging........ and health

i have been so caught up with work, activities, that i stopped writing. and of course, coupled with my extreme laziness..... this was one of the last things i wanted to do. but on looking back, hmmm, it seems that "nothing much" has happened. and it's been "normal" (aka boring") these past few months. ;p

i have been suffering from extreme "dry eyes" according to the doctor. and it's been at least half a year now and still no improvement despite the eye drops etc. i am beginning to suspect that there is a "greater" problem as i noticed that my skin (esp face) has been very dry, despite my faithful efforts to moisturise etc. and some days it gets better, some days its terrible. and honestly, this has been going on for quite a while, just that i wasn't bothered enough to think too much of it until my eyesight was affected.

i really wunder, what's the cause? surely it's not because of the air/surrounding here in hong kong? eczema? i really cannot think of other causes ...... anywayz, i shall research and if i have any findings, i shall post it here. and if you happen to read this and have some knowledge/info to share, please, enlighten me!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Broken dreams.........

Very grateful that God has timed my return to Singapore so that I can catch Pastor Eugene’s Sunday service message. I’ve always enjoyed his sermons and no different this time. But 2 things he spoke about, struck me deeply. Broken dreams for God and having a persevering spirit so as to press on in the things that God has called us to.

Broken dreams. As I sat there and I heard those 2 words, for some reason, tears flowed. All these years I guess, I have learnt to “move” on and never really dwelled on some of things that, I felt, were not meant to be. Broken dreams for God. How true and how scorching -- these words. Maybe I’ve not taken the time to grief over the broken dreams. Or maybe, sometimes I just prefer to run away and not face reality? But sitting there in the service, was the start of my “grieving” process. Although a little late. As I walk with Christ, many a times, I feel that I’ve let God down. But yet He’s always willing to give me a second chance. The opportunity to try again. Which brings me to the topic on having a “persevering spirit”. Again, something that is a sore point with me. For I consider myself a “quitter”. Or maybe, I get distracted and discouraged easily and Satan knows. And so, I give up, without persevering. That is something that bugs me, not persevering in my ministry. And now, although I believe I should serve somewhere in ICA, I hesitate, cos I don’t really like the prospect that I may not persevere enough – that I may end up a quitter again! I don’t want to start and stop again. Sigh. I guess, I will never know until I start! And that is at least the bit that I can control. But sometimes, the flesh is really weak. Lord, help me!!