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Friday, November 26, 2004

passion for service

these few days, this nagging thought about passion for doing God's work has been on my mind. i've been praying, but i don't seem to have any breakthrough ;( on one hand, i am very sure, that, what i want is to be able to go God's work and be a blessing to others through ministry. on the other hand, while the heart is willing, the flesh is weak. i honestly do not feel a passion sometimes, for people. i'd rather do my own stuff.......but God has gently reminded me the self-centredness of that. and i do enjoy helping others (after the fact), but sometimes, the thought of putting time, energy and effort into some form of ministry work.......makes me feel tired. sigh. where did all the passion go? i mean, how can i not be excited about working alongside the Creator? the holder of the universe? is my vision so narrow that i only focus on the present? and am i so foolish that i choose to ignore the fact that Christ will return and that my service today will bring a smile to His face when i am in his presence? has the world gotten to me? Wow, today, very cheem thoughts.......even i am a bit overwhelmed writing this. Lord, please help me. Show me and guide me. Give me your passion. Feel me with your love. For without your love, i am really, nothing.

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