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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Loving Parents

Being away from home, and with only 1 brother in Singapore, often i worry about my mum and dad. Are they lonely? Do they need help? Is there something that i can do to make them happier even though i am not there?

i've asked them to come visit but somehow, they haven't had the chance to. and of course, we try to go back to Singapore when we can. But u know, it's different.

As i think about my parents, i remember my growing up years where i am sure they must have wondered why they have a child as difficult as i am. I guess, as with all growing teens, there's lots of angst, feelings that my parents didn't understand me, they were too strict at times, and that they didn't share my passion/ideals. and of course, i didn't understand them or tried to understand them either. Growing up, there's our fair share of shouting matches, especially for me as i have a rather hot temper when i was growing up..... coupled by the fact that i have a bit of "intelligence"..... my dad always say i think i am "clever" and that is why i am always rebellious....maybe there is some truth in what he says.

it's difficult being parents i suppose, when to let go, when to restrain.......

of course, there are many times when i wished, i hadn't said this, or done that, but what's done and said, cannot be undone.

At the end of the day, i love my parents.

but somehow, sometimes, when i was growing up, my actions don't show that (or sometimes even now! when impatience can get the better of a person). but i pray that I will learn to love my parents as God loves us and to also take actions that reflect that love. and hopefully, i've made some progress over the years ;) but i guess, whatever i do, the most precious thing that can happen, and i pray it will, is that they will receive the gift of eternal life that God has for them. It may not be now, but i pray, it will be so, soon.

and being away from home, my prayer everyday for them, is that God will protect them, physically and emotionally and God will be a very present help to them in their daily situations. That they will experience the peace and joy that God has intended to give them....... just as he has given us.

As i write about loving my parents, it brings me to another matter that has been bothering me for many years.......loving my in-laws. Loving our own parents is easier isn't it? we have a bond with them......and we truly care for them. But when it comes to in-laws, it can be more challenging.....hard as i try, sometimes, i find it difficult, especially when there are differences in opinions and views. I pray that God will fill my heart with love for them as well. Cos, loving them, is a gift to my hubbie i suppose. Just as he has given me the same gift.......of loving my parents.


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