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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Is it that easy to forget the pain?

Today, for some reason, I started thinking about my previous jobs and work place and kind of felt that I miss those days…………. But I caught myself and tried to recall WHY I left the jobs/ organization/etc, and reminded myself how painful it was when I was going through it, and how I HATED the job and so forth. But truth is, the memory of the pain, unhappiness is very vague...... really very vague. But yet, I remember quite clearly the happy exchanges with colleagues, the fun and the excitement when programs are being launched. But when I was going through it, I really didn’t like it much. I mean, otherwise I wouldn’t be complaining everyday and wanting to resign. Maybe we humans have an innate ability to forget things and only retain what we want to remember. Is that really the case I wonder? Maybe there was something that good, but the pressures then totally “covered” it. And the mind focused only the negatives, the bad things. Is that how we are? We tend to focus on the negatives? But the good we take for granted??

Hmmmmmm........ this I need to speak to God about, how to change this mindset of mine........

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boggled_mind94 said...

It's late but i will venture a thought to your pondering...when people go through bad times, could the "pain" be due to the fact that innately in all of us is our sense of a "perfect" situation; ie our expection and when these expectations are not met, we get disappointed and so we feel the "pain". After time passes, the expectations are no longer real in our minds, so we end up remembering the incidents/situations/times in a "technical" sense but not in an emotive sense. So in a way, we don't feel the "pain" anymore because it is no longer real to us. Maybe, that's why time heals. Or simply perhaps, God wired us to be resilient and to bounce back after bad we end up not remembering any pain because we moved on.