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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Idle thoughts. Idyllic thoughts. Is there a difference? Idle thoughts to me!

This year, since becoming a little more "obsessed" about the quality of food ingredients i.e. am a bit more conscious about organic food, ingredient composition etc, the thought of having a little "garden"/"farm patch" so that I can enjoy fresh and natural produce becomes more and more enticing and interesting. Unfortunately, don’t have the luxury of a small area, not even a patch to grow stuff.

So, while hiking the other day (I must say, the view of hong kong from those hiking trails is really excellent! U may even forget that u are in a bustling city....... ), hubbie and I talked about buying a piece of land in some cheaper countries e.g. Thailand or Malaysia. Some time ago, we discussed about this, although not so seriously, just one of those random thoughts that we had. This time round, we thought, should we seriously give more thought to this? Only thing is, not sure where to start. But, must be near the sea! Heehee. That will be more idyllic! ;)

Having tried my hands at growing some plants this year........ must say it's really not so easy and one must be quite patient! Especially when the plants are sick, really not sure what to do? And can quite messy, with all the soil and stuff. And I must say, I really hate it when I discover bugs!!! But understand there are good bugs and there are bad bugs! So cheeeeeeem. But at this moment, my knowledge is zero. I just get rid of them ALL! Hehehehe.

Will the day come when I can pluck fresh fruits and vegetables from my own backyard?? Hmmmm..........wellz, now I can pluck chillis ;) that's a start! I wonder if my lemon seedling will grow to be big enough to bear fruit???

Remembered watching a documentary sometime back about farmers in UK (or was it france??) So interesting.........the vegetation they grow. And there is so much knowledge about farming, I think it's all lost on our cityfolks.

But sometimes, I think, maybe facing the farm patch everyday can be quite boring?? But they have a community of farmers leh, where they share knowledge and interests, quite interesting and make money selling their stuff or bartering for others. What a different life. The best is, if the farmpatch is located near the sea also.........Win liao! Tired of seeing vegetables?? go to the seaside, enjoy the seabreeze and the sight of the ocean. And most wonderful if the waters are clear blue!!! ;) dream on........ Heehee.

Not sure when the idea of farm-living became an interesting and enticing thought. But I am quite sure, if I am really in that situation, I will probably grow bored after a while and start complaining and yearn for city-living........ hahahahaha ;) A case of the grass is always greener on the other side ;p

Like now, there are days when I think, where's the next place we will be going to? Or maybe we will be going home to Singapore soon? ;o) But, must say, still quite happy here lah! (just in case hubbie reads this and he gets stressed! He will be like wat??? We just got here!!!!! Heeheee. Give him some level of comfort........ hehehe)
Will see how things the meantime, I shall continue “nursing” my idle thoughts......... ;)

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