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Friday, November 12, 2004

Craving Craving ......... Cravings

Sometimes, I just can't stand myself. We all know pregnant ladies have cravings (albeit for short periods) but I seem to be perpetually craving for certain foods despite not being pregnant. It's getting a lil’ worrisome. I don't use to worry, cos when one is younger, I suppose any weight gain from obsessive consumption can be lost easily (or shall I use the phrase “more easily”).

But now that losing weight is such a challenge, I really get worried when I just eat and eat. And when I having a craving, I reaaaaaaaaally crave! I mean, just this last week, I have a sudden craving for luncheon meat/egg sandwich/bun (what hongkongers call “Can-Dan Zhi”) and I think I must have taken it for breakfast for 4 days of the week. Sigh and that is not the most healthy food around.

And before that sinful sandwich craving, it was cookies and cream ice cream. I must have had tubs of it in the last few months. My fridge is stocked and I never run out of it. And I will have a cup almost every night. But now, I have half a tub sitting in the freezer cos they are no longer IN ;)

And of course, there are many examples of my craving........... No matter how much exercise I do, I think it's not going to help. Plus, whatever I crave for, always seem to unhealthy and fattening. Oooooo and before the ice-cream, it was McWings. I really liked the wings. But I try to limit myself to once or twice a week. But considering that they are so well deep-fried, once a month would have been more acceptable.

Aiyaz, I think I should do something about this, exercise more will-power or something. Otherwise, the consequences can be “heavy”........................ ;(

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I could do with some of those luncheon meat/egg sandwich!! Sounds absolutely sinful but tempting! Sigh - I gotta be mindful what I eat as I still have loads of fat stores to burn (via breastfeeding), and not pile on more fats! If it's 1 kg a month to lose for a lactating woman like me (breastfeeding women cannot lose weight too fast, something about body releasing toxins if on a diet and these harmful toxins get into the milk), mind you I have 15 months to get to my ideal weight. Painful.