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Monday, November 22, 2004

Another friend in Shanghai.

Another friend of mine is leaving Singapore to work overseas. Oh, excitingly, its to be based in Shanghai! One more friend to visit when I go to shanghai!! And just last nite, when I was having dinner with a friend, someone from university days, talking about people from uni, its amazing how many of us are based overseas (or have been based overseas for a period). I get really excited when I know of someone who is going for an overseas assignment, as its really a very interesting experience and being away from home, somehow changes ones perspective. If I am to choose again, I would have chosen the same path.

Coming back to this uni friend (hubbie knows him better), and his circle of entrepreneurial frens, I thought to myself, are some people are just “born” to be “entrepreneurs”? I mean, there he is, striking deals from Japan to Thailand to China and other places. Geez, here I am, after donkey years, still thinking about what kind of business to engage in? (if ever?????) How different.

But of course, some people may have some “family business” history, so I guess that helps! ;) but really, a lot depends on oneself doesn't it?

Anyway, just as it's stated in the bible, to everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven. And importantantly, What is God's purpose in our lives?

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