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Thursday, October 21, 2004

a dream remains a dream....

I've always "liked" the idea of living abroad - experiencing new things and establishing new friendships and so on and so forth. Having missed the opportunity to pursue an "overseas education", coming to hong kong in 2004 was like a "consolation" ;)

why consolation ? because unfortunately, my idea of living "abroad" means US or Europe! Hong Kong is kind of near home (Singapore) ......... ;p (heyz, don't get me wrong - i do enjoy living here in hong kong .... for now!)

I find it funny when i think about it because US/Europe is so far away that it holds such an appeal? or that the US/Europe that i see (through reading, images) seems so different from Asia? What is it about the appeal? I haven't figured that out yet. All i know is, i enjoy the vibrancy in cities such as NY and the laidback-ness in places like boston when i visited them. Maybe it's because they seem to have a place for all sorts of people - not just people who are driven by practical needs (which means $$) but also people with dreams and visions. For one, i feel that i lack that i.e. i don't really have a passion or dream (yep, karaoke cannot be considered a passion....hahahaha)........maybe somewhere where the emphasis is different can do some good for one's "personal development"!! or maybe that is simply an "illusion" in itself because it may all jolly well depend on "U", regardless of the situation.

I've been warned about discrimination and the sorts, but hey, who says we don't experience that here in Asia when we relocate?

Which brings to mind a conversation i overhead on the bus here in hong kong. A Chinese had this to say about Singaporeans (mind u he had alot to say about hong kongers as well, but i ain't going to repeat that here) : (note : this is a summary of what he said, not a word-for-word transcript!) :

"Singaporeans are worse (i take it he meant worse than Hong Kongers) - they are neither Chinese nor Westerners. They don't have in-depth knowledge about Chinese culture and history, it's difficult to relate to them. And even though they speak english, they are not westerners. They don't have an identity. "

I suppose he is oblivious to what others think about him.

Anyway, I am still holding to the dream of living some where far out there some day in the future.......

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