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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Chinglish Land

I've always liked to learn new languages - have taken lessons in japanese and french before - but somehow, due to lack of exposure to the language or whatever other reasons, never really "learnt" the language. only the "abc"s to get by and sometimes, not even getting by.

wellz wellz, maybe i just don't have the language affinity ;) especially such foreign and difficult languages!

but what irks me most these days, is that my mandarin is just as atrocius. I mean, i always thought mandarin is like piece of cake u know(never had problems with it, never will)..... but having to use Mandarin in a business environment is a HUGE CAKE, whatever bite i take, is minuscule compared to its size. The words don't flow......... i hate it when i have to write reports and presentations in mandarin (which is ALWAYS!) - i think half of what i want to say is lost! oh dear.........i tell myself i better buck-up, read more, write more, but man, it's more difficult that you think k?! business mandarin is very difficult..........waaaaaaaahhhhhh .........

sigh....i am not effectively bilingual am i? my mandarin vocabulary is really limited (i mean, in relation to business-related terms, if it's about scolding people, rest assured, it is limitless, hahahaha) - it's pathetic!

i think maybe i will just stick to reading my martial arts novel and stuff, and karaoke-ing.... those i understand perfectly ....but business reports??? and there i was, entertaining thoughts of maybe working in China in future....... this is good training ground..... training me to abolish the thought!!! ;) just griping lah.....who knows what the future holds? only certainty is that God holds the future :0) , that already feels better ;)

only thing is, i better write more in English, else i start deteriorating and i will be in no-man's land..... oh oh, in Chinglish land!!!! yipes!!!

1 comment:

boggled_mind94 said...

Missie are definitely more effectively bi-lingual than someone I know! Just wanted to tell you one thing though...dun lose the may come in useful one day when you want to whisper sweet nothings to Isaac or flirt with an eye-candy you meet ;p.

Bonsoir! (hope I got the spelling rite!)