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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Cheesecake anyone?

Since I move to hong kong, for some reason, i started trying cheesecakes........ for the last 30+ years, i hardly eat cheese cakes and the reason? i don't like them. the most i venture is a small morsel, just to try. but never really liked it. and some of my pals really loved cheesecake......always cajoling me to try some, but somehow, i figured, this is a pleasure i don't share and it has always been that way.

don't know why, but since coming to hong kong, i've actually concluded that cheesecakes are quite tasty, especially the really good ones.....and sometimes, i catch myself thinking, hmmm, when will i get to taste that cheesecake again?

it's strange isn't it? how did that change come about? pals out there may be thinking aloud, "miracle! she finally found cheesecakes!!" ;) but there was really no significant event to change my views abt usual, i'd try some when presented with one.....but somehow, change just came about. hmmmm..........

so it led me to think....... is that how people change? in recent years, saw quite a few break-ups, divorce......always wondered how and what brought about the change in the "love" between couples. honestly, i've always held the notion that if u want to keep the marriage going, you can. those who give up, simply didn't want to try. or maybe they didn't see the need to try. But, maybe it's just like the cheesecake, the change just happened??? Unexplainable in nature??? i really don't know. One thing i know, i do eat cheesecakes now!

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