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Sunday, October 24, 2004

best of friends.....

Have been reading a novel, best of friends...and i cried buckets reading it! it's been a long while since i enjoyed a sentimental read and enjoy a good "bout" of "sentimental crying"!

and it brings to mind the very few close friends whom i have and really can count with fingers type. for some, how did our friendships last so long? it's amazing. and for some, somehow, the relatively short time as friends, there is such a strong bonding/friendship that developed and that's amazing too.

sometimes, its quite funnie how things turn out.....i see myself as one who is kind of anti-social (i don't like to make conversations, i actually don't really like to make new frens) - but somehow, when u meet the right the people, conversation simply flows....i guess that's what "clicking" is all about. :)

and I am thankful that God has chosen to bless me with friends along the way to share in my journey, without which, the journey would have been less meaningful.

as i write, i recall slipping and falling down in a river when i was 15 ....and my pal took a picture of me and captured that "wunderfully ugly" moment forever!! hahaha - memories are made of this. or when i was 20 and going through this really painful break-up and my pals were there, sharing my french onion soup..... wow, that's what memories are about. Lovely to look back on. or even simple things such as having roti prata late at night and enjoying the company.... i'd give up karaoke (!) anytime for that. hehehe.

Then i think, i must be a pretty nice gal rite? to have such good pals?? ahem ahem....hehehe. but then, some people i consider as not so "great" personalities seem to also have very close friends... now that's strange ;( and that is using the "judgemental spirit" to look at them.... i am sure they have their good traits too....just that i am not "privy" to it. i must try, MUST TRY, to see the positive side of things as well. but then again, does it really matter what i think? so it seems that i have digressed......

to all my pals, i just want you to know, your friendship i treasure. and even more so, since i came to hong kong. if there's one thing i miss about home (besides my parents!), it's you.

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