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Friday, January 17, 2014

New Year.

Sorry i have not blogged for a while!! it has been a very busy time for us since we moved.
Plus Kaira started Primary 1 so there's quite a bit of adjustment for all of us :)
Thank God that she has adjusted well to her new life in primary 1 and after 2 weeks -- is still very chirpy and happy when it comes to school :)  not sure how long this optimism and enthusiasm will last, but i pray that it will be for as long as possible!! ;P
she tells me that her primary school is very fun and that she has made many friends.  She seems to enjoy whatever is happening in class (although she can be vague when i try to probe for more information! but what is important to me is that she is happy. that for now, is more than enough) and even declares that she wants her daughter to go to this same school in future too! kids are very cute.  they speak with such innocence and purity of heart.  Thank God that she has adapted well.
I am also adapting ... to the new mummy friends and also how i can be involved in her class activities (without being too involved!) ;p so far i have been helping out with the CNY decorations for the class.... and in the process got to know quite a number of mummies -- which is so beneficial as there are lots of information that are shared during the times that we gather. 
The teachers (the 2 main ones) have been great so far in settling the girls into the new environment. They communicate often via emails n have sent photos of the girls in action too. Very thoughtful I must say. Kaira seems to like her teachers too... and that's great! Praying that  it continues to be smooth for her throughout her schooling years. :)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Finally moved into our place.

Over the weekend, we finally moved.

And even though it's moving to a new apartment in Singapore, it still takes quite abit to adjust !!! Some misadventures (like a broken washing machine on the 3rd day of staying in) and perpetually unpacking and cleaning.  It's tiring.

I am still unpacking by the way.  Not done yet.  I don't know where all my time goes to.  But there are tonnes of work to be done and admin as well.  which i usually don't have time to do till after Kaira sleeps. 

Wish i am working.  Then someone else can deal with all these things at home :D Nah.  It has to be ME. heehee.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Another milestone!

This week, kaira surprised me by reading a chapter story book independently. 

I wasn't expecting that. I half expected to be the one reading the story out to her ;p 

But she actually read appx 100 pages by herself with some adult help when she encountered difficult words.

Now she is asking me to get more books from the same series - Geronimo Stilton adventures! Hope I can find them at the library.

Glad she enjoys reading! I remember that I loved Enid blyton's books when I was in primary school ... Wonder if she will like them too..... For now it's geronimo Stilton!! :)

Monday, November 04, 2013

Bali in August 2013

I realise i did not post anything about out trip to Bali in August?!?! What happened??? ;p

Rice planting experience
I hope i will have the time to blog about it later on.... but here's a picture that is the highlight of our trip -- rice planting experience for the kids (and adults!).

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang

This is a very beautiful hotel -- full of old world charm - and the common areas are very well maintained.  Loved the colonial feel and one does feel being transported back in time when one steps in here.

As it is UNLIKELY that we will have the chance to stay in Raffles Hotel (another grand dame!) in Singapore -- i thought why not then the EO hotel in Penang -- it will be cheaper! heehee.  One of the things on my bucket list is to take a journey on the Eastern Oriental Express (fr singapore to bangkok) -- but that is EXPENSIVE and i am not sure if kaira will appreciate such a journey at her age.  Actually it will be better if it's only the 2 of us taking the EO express!! haha! but i think kaira, at this moment, expects to be part of our travel plans ;p

So, let's just experience the EO Hotel in Penang first! (note : don't think they are under the same mgt! Juz that they both exude old world charm to me ;p) 

Unfortunately for the hotel they were let down by its service.  For the price one pays for a night's stay and the expectations that has been set, it was disappointing to say the least.  If the experience is just about the rooms and ambience, it is very very very lovely.  But, the hotel staff are the soul of the hotel and here it is lacking.  Hopefully they will improve over time.  I shall not rattle on here about our not so great experience (i have already provided that on tripadvisor), and will instead just focus on sharing with you the lovely property.  You can decide for yourself whether you want to experience it too.  You may be luckier than us, in that service will be better! :)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Penang - 4D3N getaway

We went to Penang for a short 4D3N getaway - primarily motivated becos of the tigerair promotion. Air tickets were on promotion and cost us S$350+ for 3 of us all in. Quite cheap I tot so we decided at the last minute to just go!

The last time I was in Penang I was in my teens!!! Yes, that long ago! Haha! So I guess it is about time that I visit it! 

What's good in Penang?? 

Well, food definitely came to mind! And it did not disappoint. The street art by various artists was also very good and made exploring the town more interesting!

The colonial architecture and peranakan culture and history adds colors to the place. 

People go tere for the beach as well.

But other than these 3, I generally find Penang quite boring ;p I don't think I will be visiting any time soon and it doesn't seem like a place that I will want to visit again and again ;p heehee

The highlight of our trip was probably the hotel we stayed in!!! Hahaha. 

Will write more the next time! :)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Renovation almost complete!

After almost 5 months... Finally the  renovation is coming to an end ... There is only 1 outstanding item (and as with all ironies... This is something that I tot was straightforward and should not need a lot of attention... And I was wrong! This is the one thing that I had to ask to redo and it is the last item to be completed! Guess what it is??? The door to our bath!! -- Something as basic as a door I really didn't think should cause us any  grief ... But o well!! Instead of thinking about what went wrong with door, i think I should thank God that all the other major items went rather smoothly... So what if there is this 'little' problem with the door? Yes! Thankful that it was a rather smooth process although it did take a little long ;p 

We have moved one batch  of boxes in - mostly kitchen stuff as these were stored unopened in my parents' place! We will have a second move later part of November so that we will be ready to stay in by year end and start the new year there :))

A glimpse of our renovated apartment:
Looking forward to having a place to call our own again!